What is holiday dialysis

Holiday guests are very welcome at Diapriva. Diapriva is just 12.20 km from Schiphol Airport, the largest and most important airport in the Netherlands. At Diapriva, you will have dialysis in a friendly environment that is only 15 minutes away from the city centre of Amsterdam, where you will find a wide range of shops and tourist attractions. There are several large hotels close to Diapriva. All dialysis nurses can assist you in English. Diapriva works closely with the nearby VU University Medical Centre in Amsterdam (only 600 meters away). In the event of complications, additional medical care can be provided at VU University Medical Centre.

If you want to dialysis during your holiday at Diapriva, please register using the form below. Your application will then be processed as soon as possible.

Cost per dialysis session is € 425.

If you do not hold an EHIC Card, you can pay the payment in cash or by PIN transaction.

After processing this form, your data will be removed from the database of this site.

Once a weektwice week3 x per week


Before we can schedule you for the dialysis, we need the information below so that the doctor can assess whether you are suitable for dialysis at Diapriva.


+31 (0)20 301 19 50

Holiday dialysis

A holiday dialysis treatment is carried out in the same way as a conventional outpatients’ treatment at Diapriva. For additional information: see elsewhere on the website-patient information.

Information relating to the day treatment:
Treatment code: 15C768
ZP code: 140301007
Description: Haemodialysis in the dialysis centre (1-3)

Information relating to the night treatment:
Treatment code: 15C783
ZP code: 140301023
Description: Haemodialysis in the night (1-3)

Total price day treatment: € 425.00 (approx 4 hours)
Total price night treatment: € 745.00 (approx 9 hours at night)
These prices are for 2018 and 2019.


You can pay in cash as well as with a debit card.